What is the timeline of your admissions process?

We have a two-step process: we first make admissions decisions (i.e. an offer of a place in our program) and then make funding decisions (i.e. an offer of financial support). We begin reviewing applications in mid to late January and our first admissions decisions are made in early to mid February. We continue to review applications through March and April.

We invite a group of applicants to visit campus, usually in late February. We provide travel support for this visit. Initial funding decisions will be made shortly after this event. Space constraints mean we can only invite a small group to visit—fewer than we would like. It should be kept in mind that we often make offers of funded places to students beyond this group.

The nationally-agreed deadline for deciding on offers of places at graduate schools is April 15th (see this page for information on this agreement). Graduate programs may not insist that you make a decision before April 15th. Admissions and funding decisions continue to be made up to and beyond this date, depending on the availability of places and/or funding.