Biomath Students

Greg Backus     Advisors: Kevin Gross & Nick Haddad
Research Interests: Invasive Species and Conservation Biology; Ecology; Evolution and Sexual Selection; Combining Population Genetics with Population Dynamics; Animal Vocalizations
Hannah Blackmon     Advisors: Cristina Lanzas (Population Health & Pathobiology) & Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Population dynamics, disease ecology, infectious disease dynamics
Evan Bowles     Advisors: Alun Lloyd & Amir Mokhtari
Research Interests: Agent-based modeling in small networks, Disease modeling, Genetic Algorithms, Compartmental modeling
Natalie Clark     Advisors: Ross Sozzani (Plant and Microbial Biology) & Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Systems biology, developmental biology, and gene regulatory network inference
Vanessa de Nijs     Advisor: Sharon Lubkin
Chris Durden     Advisor: Eric Stone
Research Interests: Parameter estimation in graphical models
Michael Frank     Advisor: Kevin Gross
Research Interests: Conservation; population dynamics; mathematical ecology
Kelsey Gasior     Advisors: Marlene Hauck & Sudin Bhattacharya
Carl Giuffre     Advisors: David Tarpy (Entomology) & Sharon Lubkin
Research Interests: Digital image processing, image analysis, social insects, insect pathology
Brandon Hollingsworth    
Greg Mader     Advisor: Mette Olufsen
Research Interests: Cerebral Autoregulation; Blood Flow Dynamics; Parameter Estimation
Matthew McDaniel     Advisor: Kevin Flores
Research Interests: Dynamic systems and control (and applications to bio-systems); biochemical kinetics (currently performing research with pharmacokinetics)
Neha Murad     Advisor: Tom Banks
Research Interests: Inverse Problems, Mathematical and Statistical modelling of ecological systems, Mathematical Epidemiology, Disease and Systems Biology
Jacob Norton     Advisors: Georgiy Bobashev & Alun Lloyd
Jamie Nosbisch     Advisor: Jason Haugh
Research Interests: Mathematical modeling of wound healing; directed cell migration; signal transduction networks
Francis Polakiewicz     Advisor: Mette Olufsen
Research Interests: bifurcations of neuromuscular junctions, pharmacological diffusion models, and general neuro-muscular physiology
Sabina Rich     Advisor: Kevin Flores
Research Interests: Disease related modeling, statistical analysis, adaptive learning
Mandi Traud     Advisors: Rob Dunn (Biology) & Alun Lloyd
Michael Vella     Advisor: Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Novel gene drive and population suppression mechanisms; parameter estimation
Jessica Wagner     Advisors: Rory Conolly & Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Compartment-based modeling, PBPK modeling, Effect of Dioxins in Organisms, Parameter Estimation
Andrew Wright     Advisors: Mette Olufsen & Jim Selgrade
Research Interests: Research in cardiovascular system mechanics and regulation, and more recently the analysis of hormonal models using a dynamical systems approach
Mark Zimmerman