Biomath Students

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Michelle Bartolo     Advisor: Mette Olufsen
Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics, cardiovascular modeling, mathematical physiology
Johnna Brooks     Advisor: Jie Cao
Cole Butler     Advisor: Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Epidemiology; gene drive
Evan Curcio     Advisor: Sharon Lubkin
Savannah Curtis     Advisor: Cristina Lanzas
Research Interests: Healthcare-associated infections, agent-based modeling, C. difficile infection and control
Praachi Das     Advisor: Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Infectious disease modeling, Population dynamics
Amrit Dhillon    
Andrew Freedman     Advisors: Kevin Gross & George Kennedy
Abbey Johnson     Advisor: Alun Lloyd/Cristina Lanzas
Geddes Justen     Advisor: Mette Olufsen
Research Interests: Cardiovascular modeling, mathematical physiology
Kyle Nguyen     Advisor: Kevin Flores
Theresa Regan     Advisor: Kevin Gross
Sabina Rich     Advisor: Kevin Flores
Research Interests: Disease related modeling, statistical analysis, adaptive learning
Julian Sass     Advisors: Cliburn Chan (Duke Univ.) & Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Mathematical modeling of viral dynamics in infants, HIV, CMV, machine learning
Celia Schacht     Advisor: Hien Tran
Research Interests: Physiological based pharmacokinetic modeling and simulation, toxicology
Chris Schell     Advisor: Mette Olufsen
Eric Schoen     Advisor: Sharon Lubkin
Research Interests: Modeling biological systems and tissue morphology
Abby Sweet     Advisors: Cristina Lanzas & Alun Lloyd
Alyssa Taylor-LaPole     Advisor: Mette Olufsen
Research Interests: Fluid dynamics, 1D modeling, 3D modeling, Fontan circulation
Andrew Wright     Advisors: Mette Olufsen & Jim Selgrade
Research Interests: Research in cardiovascular system mechanics and regulation, and more recently the analysis of hormonal models using a dynamical systems approach
Mark Zimmerman     Advisor: Brian Langerhans