Biomath Students

Savannah Bates     Advisor: Ruian Ke
Research Interests: HIV infection, post treatment control of HIV, and latency reversal
Evan Bowles     Advisors: Alun Lloyd & Amir Mokhtari
Research Interests: Agent-based modeling in small networks, Disease modeling, Genetic Algorithms, Compartmental modeling
Natalie Clark     Advisors: Ross Sozzani (Plant and Microbial Biology) & Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Systems biology, developmental biology, and gene regulatory network inference
Mitchel Colebank     Advisor: Mette Olufsen
Research Interests: Cardiovascular Modeling, Fluid Dynamics, and Uncertainty Quantification in Medical Imaging
Praachi Das     Advisor: Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Infectious disease modeling, Population dynamics
Chris Durden     Advisor: Seth Sullivant
Research Interests: Parameter estimation in graphical models
Tessa Hall     Advisor: Kevin Gross
Marco Hamins-Puertolas     Advisor: Ruian Ke
Research Interests: Multilevel dynamics, theoretical population genetics, and viral phylodynamics
Brandon Hollingsworth     Advisor: Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Mosquito-borne diseases
Annabel Meade     Advisor: Tom Banks
Neha Murad     Advisor: Tom Banks
Research Interests: Inverse Problems, Mathematical and Statistical modelling of ecological systems, Mathematical Epidemiology, Disease and Systems Biology
Jacob Norton     Advisors: Georgiy Bobashev & Alun Lloyd
Jamie Nosbisch     Advisor: Jason Haugh
Research Interests: Mathematical modeling of wound healing; directed cell migration; signal transduction networks
Maureiq Ojwang     Advisors: Peter Ojiambo (Entomology and Plant Pathology) & Alun Lloyd
Amanda Reeder     Advisor: Kevin Gross
Sabina Rich     Advisor: Kevin Flores
Research Interests: Disease related modeling, statistical analysis, adaptive learning
Julian Sass     Advisor: Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Mathematical epidemiology, sexually transmitted diseases, network models, ODE models
Hitesh Tolani     Advisor: Jeff Thorne
Michael Vella     Advisor: Alun Lloyd
Research Interests: Novel gene drive and population suppression mechanisms; parameter estimation
Andrew Wright     Advisors: Mette Olufsen & Jim Selgrade
Research Interests: Research in cardiovascular system mechanics and regulation, and more recently the analysis of hormonal models using a dynamical systems approach
Mark Zimmerman