Please note: Application to the Biomathematics Graduate Program (PhD or Masters in Biomathematics) is separate from applications to the applied mathematics, mathematics, statistics or bioinformatics programs. Please check that you select “Biomathematics” as your major subject. Contact us if you think you might have mistakenly applied to the wrong program!

Admissions Questions?

Answers to many commonly-asked questions about admissions procedures (e.g. submitting scores, TOEFL requirements, and many others) can be found via the Graduate School’s online help system. (For example, type “GRE” or “TOEFL” in the question box on that page.) We also have a page of Frequently Asked Questions about admissions. If your question isn’t answered there, please feel free to email us.

Biomathematics Admission Requirements

Applicants to the program are expected to have either a bachelor’s degree in biology with evidence of aptitude and interest in mathematics, or a bachelor’s degree in a mathematical area with evidence of aptitude and interest in biology. Well-prepared applicants will have taken advanced (multivariate) calculus, linear algebra, and general biology with good grades. Some of these courses can be taken while enrolled in the program, but this may mean spending an additional semester in residence.

You can get more information on the biomath curriculum by looking at the course requirements on our PhD requirements page.

Biomathematics Application Procedures

All applications must be made online, at

All applications must include the following:

  1. Application fee (application fee cannot be waived)
  2. A transcript from each previously attended institution (beyond high school) must be uploaded as part of the online application process. You may use an electronic copy of a web-based transcript or academic record from your current institution and/or scanned copies of transcripts. See Graduate School FAQ page for more details on uploading your transcripts.

    You only need to have official transcripts mailed to NC State if and when you are recommended for admission.

  3. Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. Note for Spring/Fall 2023 applicants: GRE scores are optional
  4. A narrative statement (1-2 pages) of the applicant’s goals and reasons for interest in the Biomathematics Graduate Program
  5. Three letters of recommendation
  6. Optional, but highly recommended: A sample of written work (e.g. project write-up, term paper, manuscript draft). If this work is co-authored, please include a statement that explains your contribution to the work, including your role in writing.
  7. TOEFL scores for foreign students whose native language is not English

Supporting Documentation

Ideally, all supporting documentation should be sent electronically to the NC State Graduate School via the online application system. Following admission, official copies of transcripts should be sent to the NC State Graduate School, at the following address:

Graduate School, Admissions Office
North Carolina State University
1000 Main Campus Drive
Room 2300A
Campus Box 7102
Raleigh, NC 27695-7102

Application Deadlines

A completed application for admission automatically serves as an application for financial aid.

To receive full consideration for financial aid, the completed application and all supporting documents should be returned no later than January 15 for Fall semester admission, and no later than September 15 for Spring semester admission. Applications received after these deadlines will be continue to be accepted but may be given lower priority for financial aid.

Applications for admission without financial aid must be received no later than June 25 for fall, November 25 for spring, March 25 for the first summer session and May 10 for the second summer session, for US citizens. The application deadlines for foreign students are detailed in the Graduate School’s webpages. For non US citizens, we only recommend applying for Fall semester.

Application fees cannot be waived.