Biomathematics Ph.D. Co-Major – Degree Requirements

One of the co-chairs of the student’s thesis committee must be a BMA faculty member. There must be at least four members of the thesis committee, and the composition of the committee must be approved by the Directors of both graduate programs.

The course requirements are similar to the BMA Ph.D. program, but with some minor reductions.

Three biomathematics courses (BMA 771, 772 and either 773 or 774) are required. Compared to the Ph.D. requirements, a co-major needs one fewer math course and one fewer biology course.

The BMA seminar (BMA 801) must be taken for credit on two occasions.

The preliminary written examination in BMA is set by the thesis committee, with each committee member typically setting one written question. If the student has already taken a written exam in another department, committee member(s) representing that department may count performance in that exam in place of their written question(s). The BMA faculty will still require written questions.

Biomathematics Minors – Degree Requirements

Ph.D. Three biomathematics courses (BMA 567, 771 and 772) and seminar (BMA 801) are required. Required supporting courses include 1 course in quantitative biology (500 level) and at least 2 courses drawn from biology, statistics, mathematics, or biomathematics, chosen so as to balance the student’s major.

M.S. Two biomathematics courses chosen from BMA 567/771/772 are required. Supporting requirements include the two course sequence ST 511 and ST 512 or the single course ST 512R.

Any questions regarding these requirements should be discussed with the Director of the Biomath program as soon as possible.