Information for Adjunct Faculty

Access to NC State Computer Systems

As an adjunct faculty member you have access to NC State computer systems, including the library, the “MyPack Portal” and the NC State gmail and calendar system.

The system will send important emails to your NC State gmail account, so please set up email forwarding so that those messages reach you.

Library access includes online journals and databases.

Student committee business (e.g. accepting membership of a student’s committee and signing off on a student’s plan of work) happens through the MyPack Portal, and this is where a number of other admin and personnel tasks are carried out.

Unity ID and password

Your NC State username is known as your “unity ID” and this should have been given in your adjunct appointment letter. If not, then we can look it up for you. This page explains how the initial password for your account will have been set up and gives information on how to reset your password.