Application Deadlines

A completed application for admission automatically serves as an application for financial aid.

To receive full consideration for financial aid, the completed application and all supporting documents should be returned no later than January 15 for Fall semester admission, and no later than September 15 for Spring semester admission. Applications received after these deadlines will be continue to be accepted but may be given lower priority for financial aid.

Applications for admission without financial aid must be received no later than June 25 for fall, November 25 for spring, March 25 for the first summer session and May 10 for the second summer session, for US citizens.

The application deadlines for non-US students are detailed in the Graduate School’s webpages.

Please note that Spring admission is somewhat uncommon, in part because our funding cycle follows the academic year (Fall/Spring). We recommend that Spring applicants should email us so that we can discuss their situation. If Spring admission is problematic, we often recommend that a Spring application be moved into our Fall application pool. Also note that the timing of the academic year (the shorter break between Fall and Spring semester than between Spring and Fall semester) poses severe challenges for any applicant who requires a visa to study in the US and as such we do not encourage Spring application in these cases.